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  • Perfect for hair painting and balayage. Feathers on the color and lightener without leaving spots. Do a nice job of picking up the tint and applying it while separating the hair.
  • The handle is long, easy to hold that allows you to apply dye or bleach in the hard-to-reach areas easier than a short brush. Plus the long handle makes a nice flip to make hair line or split hair in sections or to use as a stirring stick for your bleach or dye.
  • It comes in a pack of seven so you can do multiple colors at once without having to rinse brushes between, thus taking care of your client waiting patiently covered in foil.
  • The combs are good for lifting the hair and then for combing the color or lightener through the hair making sure that you get the color distributed evenly.
  • Easy to clean and store. The brushes could be cleaned up nicely by rinsing with water for multiple uses.

Product description

Brief Description
1. Home-dye your hair to save you a trip to the beauty supply store. Washable & Reusable & durable construction, and no chemical reaction with color.
2. With different sizes, a wider brush to cover a wider area faster, and also narrow for small, short sections like bangs, or a few inches in length of hair.
3. To use the pointed tip, you simply use a weaving-like motion throughout hair (at the scalp) to highlight.
4. Dip into the color and then apply to hair. If your color is coming out uneven run your (gloved) fingers up and down the strands to ensure its distributed correctly, and make sure your spending enough time developing.
5. Packge List: 3 large brushes + 2 small brushes + 2 brush combs

Features & Benefits
-Specially for free-form hair coloring methods
-Save time with applying color
-Plenty in the pack to share
-Very handy for all-over dying
-Useful for sections or roots
-Perfect degree of bristle stiffness

Kindly Tips
  • It's works better if using less color because it doesn't get stuck or glob up in the brush.
  • Please don't wash the brushes in hot water.

Product details

  • Item Weight: 45.4 g
  • Boxed-product Weight: 118 g

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